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Ragdoll  Origin

The Ragdoll cat breed originated in Riverside, CA beginning in 1963  when   Anne Baker took notice of the kittens produced by a  neighbor’s cat named Josephine.   The kittens were docile,  loving towards humans, and 'flopped' when picked up and held.   Anne noticed the characteristics of the kittens  after Josephine had been cared for at the local University following a car accident. 

Josephine, who belonged to Mrs. Pennel, was a free roaming,  white long-haired cat.    Josephine's kittens all seemed to grow very large and have a remarkable disposition.   They all seemed to have a true loving nature, beautiful blue eyes and long non-matting fur.   Ann Baker kept some of Josephine's kittens and bred them very carefully.  Josephine had a beautiful Birman-type as one sire and a beautiful longhaired Burmese type as another sire   Plus she had several other kittens by other undetermined sires. 

None of the foundation cats had documented pedigrees.   Genetic testing has proven that the white gloving of the Birman and the white spotting of the Ragdoll are genetically different.  The first  Birman arrived in the US in 1959.   It is extremely unlikely that the cat was of Birman descent simply because they were so rare in the US at this time.    The Burmese breed of cat was developed in San Francisco in the 1930's.

Buckwheat’s  kittens Mitts, Tiki,  Gueber,  & Kyoto. This litter of two non pointed  & two pointed kittens were the first  registered Ragdolls.

This is believed to be Josephine with her kittens, including Buckwheat, which represented the dark side .

Daddy War Bucks was the first seal mitted Ragdoll.   He had a white tail tip and a white blaze  which is seen in modern Ragdolls. 

Ann Baker holding Kookie, Toy Sue & Kookie Tu, early Ragdolls born in 1966.

Ann holding Kyoto & Tiki.

Ann holding Fuqianna, which represents the light side.

Daddy War Bucks, Josephine's son, had the appearance of a Birman, a blue-eyed pointed cat with mittens.   Buckwheat, Joesphine’s daughter,  was mated to  Daddy War Bucks , and in June 1966 gave birth to the first kittens registered as Ragdolls,  Raggedy Ann Kyoto and Raggedy Ann Tiki. 

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