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Text Box: Please request the pdf application, complete, and return it prior to scheduling an appointment.
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Text Box: Adoption Fees & Application


$700 which includes a $150 nonrefundable, transferable deposit *   

            $50 discount is available for Military or second kitten purchase. 


$2000 for seals & blues,  $2200 for chocolates & lilacs which includes a $500 non refundable, transferable deposit *


Retired breeders may be adopted for $250 which includes spay or neuter and dental check and cleaning.  A $100 deposit * is required to reserve a retired breeder. 


Please contact CMR at MinkRagdolls@live.com for an application.


 Deposits are transferable  if  the kitten you selected is not identified correctly or is found to have a health issue not apparent prior to deposit. 

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I’d like to thank everyone who purchased a CMR kitten for giving that kitten a wonderful home.  I hope you have many happy years together.  


Here’s a message from Riley’s family: 

Riley is a full blooded Mink Ragdoll. He is 3 years old and will be 4 in March, 2018.  

He is very special; sweet and loving. He is not a lap cat and doesn't like to be held for too long.  He is, however very affectionate.  He loves to touch feet or hands and lay right next to you.  He likes to follow you around the house and will meet you at the door when you come home.  Even though he is a large cat, he has many fears.  He is afraid of heavy rain, thunder, and wind. He has a fear of meeting strangers but warms up fairly quickly.  Riley loves to play and has a favorite pillow he lays his head on to sleep.

Due to health issues, I am not able to keep Riley.  He is a very precious member of our family, which makes this very hard.  I am looking for a family that will love him and treat him like mine does.

He loves to be brushed and must be brushed weekly to avoid mats in his long, beautiful hair.  He also loves fresh water in his bowl  He will ask several times day and night for fresh water; pretty much anytime you run the water in the sink.  He has a sensitive stomach. We feed him Blue Buffalo-Sensitive Stomach (pink bag).  He really likes it.  

Riley’s family is heartbroken because health issues prevent them from keeping him.   Please contact Trish at RagdollsLife@gmail.com for information regarding adopting Riley. 

Riley  is not a Carolina Mink Ragdolls cat.   I do not have any information about  him.    I’m sharing his information as a favor so Trish can find him a good home.   Please direct all inquiries to Trish at RagdollsLife@gmail.com.  Thank you.