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With  so many breeds and so many breeders,  how do you know which kitten will be right for you? 

That’s not an easy choice.  I took almost a year making that decision.   I chose Ragdolls because of their temperaments and  because they have no major health issues as a breed.    They are very attractive cats with color and pattern variety that can ensure finding a favorite (or make that the most difficult decision). 

Some important questions to ask before adopting a kitten or cat are:

1. Is the kitten a registered purebred Ragdoll?

2. Is the kitten healthy and energetic, vet checked and immunized?

3. Does the breeder answer questions and return calls? 

4. Has genetic testing been done on the breeding cats? 

5. Is a guarantee offered? 

6. Is the breeder focusing on quality?

7. Can you review the pedigree and the adoption contract prior to paying  a deposit?

Selecting your kitten:Bringing your kitten home:Introducing your kitten to its new home:

Relocation can be traumatic for a kitten whether it  is picked up by you personally or sent via airline.   This trauma can cause a kitten to have loss of appetite and/or diarrhea.     Special care may be required at this time to ensure your kitten is eating and drinking.  Please don’t assume your kitten’s behavior is normal; watch it closely to be sure.    A high quality pro-biotic supplement  can help eliminate diarrhea.   Coaxing a scared kitten to eat by offering  moist food may  be a good idea, however be prepared for that moist food may temporarily  cause a little diarrhea also. 

Some kittens hit the floor of their new homes running and playing.  Others are scared and more cautious.      If this is the case, you may want to allow your kitten to get used to your house one room at a time, beginning with a small area equipped with a bed, litter box, food & water, and toys.     The kitten may try to hide until he becomes secure with his new surroundings.  He  will need time to become familiar with a  lot of new sounds, smells,  people, and perhaps other pets.   Once he is relaxed in “his” new space,  try introducing him  to another room of the house with brief,  frequent visits. 

The same brief, frequent approach may be used to introduce  your new kitten to other pets in the household.    By allowing your kitten to remain in a  secluded area for a week (even two) you are permitting the scent of his previous home to fade, which  will make the introduction easier.   It is also a good idea to let the existing pets make the first move .    I have  found that placing the new kitten in a pet carrier or kennel  permits the  existing pets to inspect it  without fear of injury to the smaller kitten. 

What's in the price:

First and foremost, the price reflects the cost and care of the breeding pair(s) which includes the adoption price with breeding rights.  Care is given to the cats and their kittens in the forms of housing,  pest control,  medical, nutritional, affection, toys, and exercise year  round so that you can adopt a healthy, well adjusted kitten.  Ragdoll temperament is just as important as appearance and health.    The breeding pair should be known to have  the sweet, docile Ragdoll nature.  Time spent playing with the kittens every day  ensures their social development and ability to  bond  with people.  This development occurs primarily  from  6 to 8 weeks.   

Of course there are more mundane cost such as DNA testing, registering,  advertising, and cleaning.   

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