Diamond: CMRRAGDOLL KITTEN - PUDDY TAT, CAROLINA MINK RAGDOLLSBreeding Plans for Fall 2018Text Box:  
Caramella, sired by Cashmere,  appears to be 5 weeks pregnant.  I expect  gorgeous chocolate mitted and bicolor kittens to be born mid October.  
Copy Cat (lilac mitted mink) was mated with Charley (cinnamon lynx point traditional) the first week in September.   We have to wait a few more weeks to tell if there are chocolate buns in the oven.  
CinnaMindy, aka Mindy, was mated with Cashmere the first week in September.  
Truffles and Moon Shadow will be mated with Charley for one final litter each before retiring.  
Catalina has been mated with Cashmere 4 times over the summer.   She has decided to become a worthless freeloader instead of getting pregnant.   We may have to see what Charley has to say about that.   We still love Catalina!

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